Thursday, April 12, 2012

     Back at Jefferson Recreation Center for the yearly Easter Brunch, each year Gourmet Your way volunteers our time for most of the events held at the center. We cook with all the kids that have an interest in cooking as maybe a future career and even all the ones who just really like to help out in the kitchen.

 Jason and I setting up for the brunch!!

Corey prepping some pancakes.

We started prepping in the kitchen at 7am!! with a lil coffee and some of the kids help we busted out all the prep in time for all the families to eat and get full before the Egg Hunt!!!

Pancakes, Eggs and sausage fresh and ready to order!!

The turn out for how many was expected was pretty average but never in my life have I attended an Easter Egg Hunt this big!!! I did not expect to see this many kids this early in the morning!!!

Kids lined up before the count down!

second round of the little ones!!

This was a fun event and we will be looking forward to next year..Happy easter all!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

 Executive Chef Domingo Ramos

Executive Chef Domingo Ramos was born and raised in the heart of Seattle, Washington He was always fascinated by the happenings of the kitchen whether it was washing dishes or preparing vegetables with his mother. The traditional Native American fried bread was something always to look forward to when a lot of people were coming over, Domingo also having such a big Filipino back ground he was raised knowing that good food brought good vibes. It was at the ripe age of 7 that he proclaimed to his family, “I’m going to be a chef!” Years passed and at 15 years old, Domingo embarked upon his culinary ambitions by working at a pizza parlor. After a 3 year stretch and feeling little growth?, he moved on to construction, but of course this was short lived as he realized his true calling is cooking.
 Domingo started looking for culinary opportunities, but couldn’t find many without necessary experience. Upon seeking out further prospects at the North Seattle Community College campus, he landed himself a job working as their dishwasher. This was a unique opportunity to observe how diverse techniques were being taught by professionals. Interested of course, he stayed late after class with the school's chefs learning the next day’s lessons. Striving to get himself back into actively producing and creating in the kitchen, he started to work in a small café cooking and learning the basics of breakfast cookery.
As his passion for food grew, Domingo decided to travel and see how culinary adventures could heighten his knowledge about food. The first stop was Japan. Although it was a short trip, the experience of seeing how other countries presented traditional dishes (nothing like what America has done) was eye opening.  It was a revelation to what an authentic fresh, local and old style cooking is supposed to be like. This bought to his attention Thailand.  This is where his entire outlook on Pan-Asian cuisine changed. He spent a month traveling all across Thailand’s vast countryside eating street snacks picked and sold right in front of him and feasting in big cities where he experienced some of the most flavorful dishes that he would have never enjoyed at any restaurant back home. Domingo really found a passion for Asian cuisine; the flavors and style intrigued him.
After his return from traveling, his first thought was to learn Thai cuisine. Wasting no time, he acquired himself a job working as a line cook at Zen Yai, which was an experience in and of itself. Domingo was one of only two English speaking cooks and worked for two traditionally raised Thai women, who not only created the menu, but worked the line daily making sure every dish was cooked exactly to expectation.. It was a place for educating himself on how to cook traditional Thai dishes and utilize the culture's techniques, but these were not the only things he learned while working there.  Still, always striving for more and with such a small menu, Domingo looked elsewhere for a more professional kitchen.
As he looked all around the greater Seattle area for work he ran into Chef Chris Kaiser of Joey’s restaurant. He met with Chef Kaiser as they were opening their first restaurant on American grounds (they are a Canadian based company). The company was in the works of opening, so Domingo started by helping build the kitchen and by doing so got himself a lead prep cook position with Joey's. This is where he found the business side of kitchens to be very important. Domingo started with morning prep and moved himself up to a lead line very quickly. Working under Chef Kaiser he immediately excelled into running the night team and growing to become a talented Sous chef. Joey's taught him three invaluable skills.  The first was leadership.  He learned to manage a fast-paced kitchen containing a staff of over 20+ cooks.  He began to further his understanding regarding the business dimensions of how to run an efficient kitchen.  Lastly, he continued to cultivate his skills as a chef by using classic techniques involving the tastes of both traditional and new age dishes.
In the 5 years Domingo worked with Joey's, he took part in opening up 5 other restaurants within the company, competed in a Joey's Top Chef competition where he placed top in his region and also worked under Regional Chef Casey Miles and Executive Chef Chris Mills (James Beard awarded) in an apprentice program that put him through home schooling. Self-taught and ready to see what else there was to offer, Domingo was transferred to a different location. Soon he realized the office was not where he wanted to be most of the day. Determined to search for the new, he found himself working with one of Seattle's best French restaurants.
 At Café Campange, Domingo started out as a line cook working with only 3 cooks in a turn and burn kitchen. Under the direction of Chef Daisley Gordon this is where Domingo sharpened his skills as a line cook.  Moving from the Garde manger station to grill in months he took a liking to the fast paced and cut throat environment. The café style food was not enough for him though; luckily Chef Gordon also had a finer dining restaurant upstairs simply called Campagne. With opportunity available Domingo pushed his way upstairs within the first 6 months of working in the cafe. The Chef de Cuisine Randy Whiteford was an innovating and inspiring chef to work with. Campange helped Domingo build a solid foundation in the culinary arts, and hone simple, but invaluable techniques in butchering, roasting, braising, smoking, grilling, sautéing, and stock and sauce making; the pillars and foundations of great cooking.
In February 2011 Domingo decided to follow his entrepreneurial path, self-taught and eager to create! He looked into what it takes to open his own small business; with the help of his two longtime friends Gourmet Your Way Catering was created. Working with local products Domingo focuses on his own his own take on Pacific Northwest cuisine combining Pan-Asian and Mediterranean dishes for a unique Eurasian-Pacific Cuisine.  

"I have never been one for inaction. Anything I have ever felt strongly about, I have done something about." - Malcolm X

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hey we are still here!

I know it’s been a while since we last posted but this is our come back!! Gourmet Your Way has been really busy with wedding parties, corporate events, a couple of contracts we have booked at the Ashton and Ten20 apartments in Bellevue. We are also currently working with the Olivine Apartments in Seattle. Over the past few months we have learned a few valuable lessons, good ones that will take our knowledge further in the years to come. Not only have we been booking parties but we have also worked ourselves into getting a new kitchen!! We are currently located in Queen Anne area and our kitchen is four times as big as the kitchen at Jefferson Community center, which we are sad to say we have moved on from. Though we never forget where we came from and the people that helped to get us here, we are planning a surprise visit to all the kids! Bringing it back old school style!!
To your far left is Corey Ruffin, Accountant and jack of all trades. That's me in the Middle Domingo Ramos Chef and pretty much amazing and to your right is Jason Vining, this guy will get you any product, you name it and he will find it!! This is the Gourmet Your Way Catering team. We are looking forward to a new and exciting year with more lessons and more success.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Doing work at the center

For the past couple of weeks team Gourmet Your way has been Volunteering at the Jefferson community center. We cook for all the kids that come in for the after school programs and also teach the ones that would like to learn, how to cook healthy for themselves. This Opportunity was not just a blessing to us but the kids are able to learn life skills that they might have not ever learned before. Now basically partnering up with the Seattle parks and Recreations we are seeing our name getting out there in a positive way!

Our first event will be held at the end of the month and is actually the son of the great woman that bought this opportunity to our table. Ms. Purple, has been a volunteer at the center for the past two years and counting. She is in charge of the Mentor and me program, bringing kids in to keep them away from the streets and helping them reach their own goals in life. Thanks Ms. Purple!!!!  

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Gourmet Your Way Catering Menu

Gourmet Your Way Menu
Chef Domingo Ramos

Shanghi Lumpia,
crispy fried spring roll, ground beef, pork, shrimp, onions, carrots, and garlic filling. Served with a sweet chili or garlic/black pepper dipping sauce

Fresh Vietnamese rolls
vermicelli noodles, or choice of tofu, shrimp, BBQ pork, vegetables, or crab, fresh bean sprouts, crispy rice roll, basil with curried peanut sauce.

Smoked whitefish spread
seasonal smoked fish, dill caper aioli. Served on a rye crostini with lemon thyme fromage blanc.

Red pepper steak
Harrissa rubbed beef, horseradish sauce, crispy fried beets served on a fresh crostini.

Honey Almond Chicken
almond crusted fried chicken served with pomegranate citrus sauce.

Crispy Garlic Chicken Kabobs
glazed with honey hoisin sauce, garnished with fried basil.

Dungeness crab cakes
sweet pickled pearl onions, balsamic reduction, and fresh tarragon.

Smoked Duck Tartlets
slivered toasted almonds and mango horseradish chutney.

Blue Corned Muffins
roasted corn salsa and sharp cheddar

Oven Dried Tomato Relish
olive and anchovy tapenade with fried sage served on garlic pita bread.

Caprese Skewer
fresh mozzarella, tomato and, basil, grilled garlic bread drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette.

Baked crispy pockets
ham and cheese,/pepperoni mozzarella cheese, /lamb and beef feta / zucchini sundried tomatoes mushroom.
Kamikaze wings
5 spiced chicken wings with sweet and sour dipping sauce.

Pulled Pork Sliders
Hawaiian sweet bread, fresh cabbage salad, and caramelized onions.
 bacon, thyme and cheddar stuffed in a savory puff pastry.Sweet and sour spare Ribs
(beef &pork) Crispy fried ribs with a sweet and sour glaze

Chinese Braised Traditional barbecue pork
served with hot Chinese mustard and toasted sesame seeds

Black Bean Chili Spare Ribs
pan fried ribs tossed in a garlic black bean chili paste

Heirloom Tomato Tarts with Goat Cheese
marinated heirloom tomato salad on top of a goat cheese tart

Spinach Feta Rolls
crispy fried phyllo dough filled with a spinach feta spread.

Clams Casino
red pepper, bacon, and onion relish baked in a half shell

Bay scallops
with pesto pancetta and radicchio on top of garlic bread.

Smoked Gravlox
served on rye toast with a mustard dill sauce

Salt & Pepper Whole Shrimp
with citrus aioli

Wild Mushroom Salad
with polenta, crostini and mascarpone cheese

Sweet Steamed Buns
with your choice of filling:  BBQ pork, Ginger chicken, Corn relish, or Red bean paste

Corn & Onion Fritters
Pan fried crispy with a savory crème fraiche

Curried Pork Turnovers
braised pulled pork stuffed in puff pastry

Steamed or pan fried pork dumpling (Shau mai)

Candied Yam Tartlets
Sweet yams baked garnished with fresh marshmallows


Curry Lamb Hummus Platter
Braised lamb with caramelized onions and roasted garlic, marinated feta cheese, salad of sweet onion, cucumber and cilantro, garlic naan bread and minted yogurt sauce.

Meat and Cheese Platters,
assorted cheeses and cured meats, dried fruits, jams, honeycomb, fresh fruit, and crostini, seasonal comfitures and nuts

Vegetable platters
all fresh seasonal vegetables served with your choice of  house made dressings.

Fresh fruit platters
served with sweet ginger mint crème fraiche

Grilled vegetables
marinated in balsamic vinegar, olive oil, red pepper, herbs and citrus zest, served with tapenade, anchovy spread and fresh French bread.


Chicken or Pork Adobo,
Slow braised chicken or pork marinated in Pilipino spices and broth

Butter Chicken
Sweet Indian curry sauce with Tandori chicken

Phad Thai,
Thai rice noodle, traditional phad thai sauce with pork chicken or beef or tofu and bean sprouts roasted peanuts and scallions.

Sweet Basil Noodles,
Wide rice noodles your choice of beef, chicken or pork, hoisin sauce and fresh basil.

Royal noodles
Wide rice noodles with your choice of beef, chicken or pork, in a curried peanut sauce.

Rendang Sapi
Slow cooked Indonesian style beef topped with crisp fried coconut, boiled eggs, and shrimp chips on the side.

Peking Duck
Slow roasted Chinese style duck marinated and brined in Chinese five spices.

Roasted pork (lechon)
Your choice of whole roasted or side crispy pork.

Cuban pulled pork
Braised pork in Cuban flavors garnished with crispy pork skins and cilantro.

Chicken Alfredo
roasted chicken, alfredo sauce, fettuccini noodles and parmesan curls.
Add extra: sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, and broccoli
Add sauce: house pesto sauce, tomato sauce, herb butter sauce, white sauce.

Roasted chicken
a special blend of herbs and brine, basted with butter

Fish of the day
ask what we have as it changes with the season
Seared Halibut
served with a roasted fennel, onion and tomato ragout finished with a lemon caper brown butter sauce.

Melody of veggie casserole
baked zucchini, squash, onions, eggplant with feta cheese and pasta, topped with breadcrumbs and baked to perfection.

Gingered fruit salad
Fruit kabobs with a dipping gingered sauce.
Mixed greens
Strawberry/seasonal berries, candied pecans, goat cheese, red onion salad tossed in blueberry balsamic vinaigrette.

Chop salad
Cabbage/romaine, Ham, bleu cheese, carrots, pickled green beans, sweet onions, and croutons tossed in walnut vinaigrette.
Caesar Salad
(Chicken) romaine, garlic croutons, parmigano reggiano cheese tossed in a Caesar dressing.


Chocolate Parfait
Chocolate moose with fresh raspberries and almond tuile

Baked Apple Crisp Ala mode
Caramelized apples topped with an oatmeal streusel

Triple Chocolate Treat
 Hazelnut triple chocolate brownie, sweet crème ice cream and whipped cream
Chocolate Covered Strawberries 
Drizzled in white chocolate

Cranberry Almond Bread Pudding
Drizzled with a browned butter sauce

Sweet Egg Tarts
Egg custard filled tarts

Mango Sticky Rice (seasonal)
Warm sweet thai sticky rice with fresh champagne