Thursday, April 12, 2012

     Back at Jefferson Recreation Center for the yearly Easter Brunch, each year Gourmet Your way volunteers our time for most of the events held at the center. We cook with all the kids that have an interest in cooking as maybe a future career and even all the ones who just really like to help out in the kitchen.

 Jason and I setting up for the brunch!!

Corey prepping some pancakes.

We started prepping in the kitchen at 7am!! with a lil coffee and some of the kids help we busted out all the prep in time for all the families to eat and get full before the Egg Hunt!!!

Pancakes, Eggs and sausage fresh and ready to order!!

The turn out for how many was expected was pretty average but never in my life have I attended an Easter Egg Hunt this big!!! I did not expect to see this many kids this early in the morning!!!

Kids lined up before the count down!

second round of the little ones!!

This was a fun event and we will be looking forward to next year..Happy easter all!!