Sunday, April 17, 2011

Doing work at the center

For the past couple of weeks team Gourmet Your way has been Volunteering at the Jefferson community center. We cook for all the kids that come in for the after school programs and also teach the ones that would like to learn, how to cook healthy for themselves. This Opportunity was not just a blessing to us but the kids are able to learn life skills that they might have not ever learned before. Now basically partnering up with the Seattle parks and Recreations we are seeing our name getting out there in a positive way!

Our first event will be held at the end of the month and is actually the son of the great woman that bought this opportunity to our table. Ms. Purple, has been a volunteer at the center for the past two years and counting. She is in charge of the Mentor and me program, bringing kids in to keep them away from the streets and helping them reach their own goals in life. Thanks Ms. Purple!!!!