Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hey we are still here!

I know it’s been a while since we last posted but this is our come back!! Gourmet Your Way has been really busy with wedding parties, corporate events, a couple of contracts we have booked at the Ashton and Ten20 apartments in Bellevue. We are also currently working with the Olivine Apartments in Seattle. Over the past few months we have learned a few valuable lessons, good ones that will take our knowledge further in the years to come. Not only have we been booking parties but we have also worked ourselves into getting a new kitchen!! We are currently located in Queen Anne area and our kitchen is four times as big as the kitchen at Jefferson Community center, which we are sad to say we have moved on from. Though we never forget where we came from and the people that helped to get us here, we are planning a surprise visit to all the kids! Bringing it back old school style!!
To your far left is Corey Ruffin, Accountant and jack of all trades. That's me in the Middle Domingo Ramos Chef and pretty much amazing and to your right is Jason Vining, this guy will get you any product, you name it and he will find it!! This is the Gourmet Your Way Catering team. We are looking forward to a new and exciting year with more lessons and more success.

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